2024 European Cup quarter-finals – Portugal VS France

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The two teams that were placed in the same group in the last European Cup will meet for the third consecutive time in the European Cup.

European Cup-Portugal VS France

The two teams that were placed in the same group in the last European Cup will meet for the third consecutive time in the European Cup. Their stars are comparable to England, but the content of the competition between Portugal and France is not ideal. Portugal faced Slovenia in its last game and relied on Diogo Costa’s magical performance in the PK to win 3-0. France fought fiercely with Belgium until the last moment and broke through 1-0 with a lucky own goal. Entered the top 8.

Both teams play 4-2-3-1. Portugal will be closer to 3 defenders in the game, Cancelo will be more forward, and B Fee will retreat more to the backcourt to hold the ball, but this time There is Mbappe on Cancelo’s side. If he continues to attack unscrupulously, the gap behind him will most likely be exploited by his opponent.


In fact, Ronaldo is not in bad shape in this tournament. Unfortunately, he still hasn’t scored a goal. The 12-yard ball in the last game was up to his own standards. Unfortunately, Oblak is more brave. Maybe Ronaldo can score a goal in this game. The signature celebration after?

The integration of Portugal’s double B is always a problem. Fee B is in average form this tournament, a little too eager to be good, and too aggressive in handling the ball. The team needs him to restore his performance in the World Cup, and midfielder Pali, who performed well in the last game Nia, 7 successful tackles, a 100% success rate is quite amazing. Facing France with super firepower in this battle, Portugal still needs to hope for such a performance from him.


France has not scored any goals in open play in this tournament. Mbappe scored 12 yards once. In addition, there were own goals against Austria and Belgium. Three non-playing goals brought France 3 wins and entered the top 8. Indeed, considering their worth, they are not very convincing.

However, France is threatening on the scene. Facing Belgium in the top 16, they had as many as 19 shots, but their shots from the front of the penalty area were often kicked away. France can create scoring opportunities, but their efficiency is too low. It feels like the players are not very accustomed to this game ball, and they can’t press the ball down.

After Mbappe put on the mask, he himself thought it had some impact, but as a spectator, Mbappe still posed a great threat with the ball. In the last game against Belgium, several dribblings were able to tear apart the opponent’s defense. It’s just that the force of his shot still needs to be controlled.

In summary:

France has an overwhelming advantage in the battle record between the two teams, with 19 wins, 3 draws and 6 losses. Portugal has only won once in the past 10 meetings, which was the 1-0 victory in the 2016 European Cup final. The most recent meeting was in the last European Cup group. In the match, the two teams ended up tied 2-2.